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Wistar 2 in 1 charger station is shown

Date: 2018/12/24

Wistar 2 in 1 charger station is shown .Wireless Charger Stand for iPhone X Apple Watch Airpods Charging Station


—Compatibile with andy QI-Enabled Stanrad Device: This 2 in 1 Fast Wirless Charger is compatible with any QI-enabled device, such as for iPhone 8/8 plus/X, iWatch 3/2 and Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus/Note8/S8 Plus/S8/S7 Edge, and any other device with QI standard.

—Support Fast Charging: Support for iPhone and Samsung wireless fast charge, can experience fast charge Apple 7.5W and Samsung 10W function, please connect QC2.0 and QC3.0 chargers attached QC standard protocol(Metal attachments or credit cards will interfere with charging.)

—2 in 1 Fast Wirless Charger Stand: The 2 in 1 Fast Wirless Charger Base can be charged as soon as you place the appropriate Qi device in the appropriate position on the wireless charger. And it can charge Smartphone and Apple watch at the same time. You only need to put your phone and iwatch to this charger, can save more time.

—Lightweight and Portable:Portable charging base, just left down your Qi enabled wireless charging devices, and it will start charging. So you can save time because you don't need to change connectors frequently and take away the phone case before charging, convenience and easy to carry, suitable for home, office or business.

—Safety and Stable:Using the automatic control device safety benchmarks, your Qi protocol phone or iWatch can avoid overcharging, overheating and short circuits, protecting your mobile phone and iWatch. And There are non-slip mats at the bottom, which is very stable, your Qi protocol mobile phone and Apple protocol watch will be safe when charging.


2 in 1 Wireless Fast Charging Pad:This product applies the wireless charging standard of WPC-Qi 1.2 and Apple Watch protocol, applies to the Qi protocol mobile phone and Apple’s protocol watch for wireless charging.


Apple Phone: for iPhone X, 8 Plus, 8

Samsung Phone: Note 8, S8 Plus, S8, S7 Edge

Any one of the Qi protocol phone can support.

Watch: only supports Apple watch iWatch3 and iWatch 2


Usage: Just plug and play, simply connect it to a power source and place your Qi-enabled mobile device on the pad.

Before charging, please close/remove the following attachments:

Mobile phone holder with credit card holder

Magnetic mobile phone holder

Finger ring (phone ring seat)

Cases thicker than 4mm

Metal mobile phone housing


Please note:

Watch Wireless Charging terminal only supports iWatch wireless charger, and only supports Apple watch iWatch3 and iWatch2, which power is 2W standard power.

The 7.5W output is the power of the Apple iPhone X/8 Plus/8.

The 10W output is the power of the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus/Note 8/S8/S7/ S7 Edge.

The standard 5W output is for non-fast wireless charging supported phones.

The QC 2.0 / 3.0 USB wall charger (adapter) must be used for the fast charging function.

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